#Féinphic le @SeánScully #WallofLightOrangeYellow

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mairtintaidhgjack: #Féinphic le @SeánScully #WallofLightOrangeYellow

Roscoe Filbert: Nothing like that here in the National Gallery of Ireland.

Richard Reynoso: Did you buy for our home in France?

Máirtín Taidhg Jack: Where the hell are you now

Roscoe Filbert: Just got out of whiskey class and am in the hostel lobby.

Máirtín Taidhg Jack: Everybody should have a #SeánScully – the #AndersonCollection at Stanford has 3.

Roscoe Filbert: Back in the Cobblestone, starting over.

Máirtín Taidhg Jack: I ran out of power at the Czech Inn. Also ran out of WiFi. Back home in #Perrystown. Might come out later.


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