Helen Loughman: Love this pic of him

Máirtín Taidhg Jack: There’s another pic of him with Amalie’s hair draped over him that makes him look like a doggy Rick James


Emmanuelle Parr: Aw Marcelito!

Kati Krause: Did you get a dog?

Máirtín Taidhg Jack: No, but if we did, this is the dog we would get (if we didn’t get a goat)

Kati Krause: I love French bulldogs!

Máirtín Taidhg Jack: What’s not to love!

Kati Krause: Máirtín Taidhg Jack when are you guys back, darling?

Máirtín Taidhg Jack: End of Sept, beginning of Oct. When the new season of CourtTV.ru starts.

Kati Krause: Máirtín Taidhg Jack 😂😂😂😂

Edwina Lightfoot: Máirtín Taidhg Jack don’t tell Button. He thinks HE’S your favourite mutt. He’ll be even more jealous of Marcel!! Although, even I have to admit, Marcel is rather gorgeous 😀

Máirtín Taidhg Jack: I’ll always have a soft spot for Button!

Audrey Nickel: Cé leis an madadh?

Máirtín Taidhg Jack: Is le comharsan Franc-Éireannach é.



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